Friday, January 18, 2008

A NEAR PERFECT 1st GUN for Girls or Guys

About a year ago I was planning to visit a local gun & knife show, when my girlfriend Matthea made the (almost taboo) request of accompanying me on the mission. Though confused, I agreed and off we went.

While kicking and pushing our way through the display areas one of us noticed this little bad boy. Having pulled it from it's case, I thought to myself, this is what I'd like to buy if hell ever froze over and I actually had the money to spend on it. It had been only recently that Matthea expressed any interest in guns, and the thought of her purchasing one I thought, was still very distant. Not happy with the grips or balance of some of the larger mid frame guns I'd been steering her towards, once she picked up this gun she was instantly impressed with the "very custom" feel of its grips and its high-tech appearance.

The "Walther" company is legendary for making the "P-38" and James Bond's "PPK". But now, they've really done it!!! And "it" being "The WALTHER P-22." This gun is without a doubt the funnest pistol I've ever fired. It's comfortable, reliable and very accurate. To make a long story short, I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd have a girlfriend that actually liked shooting as much as I do. I truly believe this gun made that possible. Firing the small .22 caliber rim fire cartridge, the "P-22" is very controllable and inviting to people with medium to smaller size hands. And although the .22 caliber bullet is not widely known for being a defense round, you can find some very high energy bullets that would make it suitable for just that. And seeing a 14inch flame appear when fired during the bright daylight sun shine, one could argue it's probably one of the best personal carry weapons anywhere. The laser sight mounted below adds another layer of accuracy and deterrence.

Oh yeah, there's always a few yahoo's at the shooting range that uninvitedly express their lack of confidence in a .22 caliber pistol, and yet for some silly reason no one will let me shoot them in the leg with it. hmmmmmmmmmmm what's up with that????

Anyways, If you are a gun owner or currently considering it, I highly recommend this model.

Also I'll post some fun shooting range tips at a later date

FYI I'm not a dealer and do not own stock in the company...